I am using Google Map But user Location is Off how to switch it On

Hello Kodular’s
I came back with new challenging task, I am using Google map components and Location sensor.
• First time when app open it ask location permission user give allow, but when app closes and user manual switch off the location and after some time open the app then location permission not asking to switch it on.

You can open the location settings for the user , and ask him to enable the location if it was disabled , see here how to make it in the ( get Available SSIDs):

I read this page full but I will take some little to put it in Solved topic because I have not done the practical so please wait.

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After the apk is installed, the system will ask for access permission for the first time, then there will be no more questions.

To activate the GPS automatically use the location sensor
the logic

Screen1 inisializ
Set location sensor enable = true

I think enabling the location sensor doesn’t enable the GPS, docs :


I also thinking same.


default = true

have you tried?

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Yes, it’s not work for enabling location.

it works fine on my device (android 6)

Please share the aia file which your testing

As I said before :point_down:

It just enable / disable the location sensor from listening to location changes and easing its events as the documentation says.


100% correct

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Right :+1:t2: @Mohamed_Tamer thanks.
i need more learn n read documentasion.

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You can use this extension to cheak gps status.if gps off then tell users to turn on gps

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Ok I will try it