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hello guys before update i was able to export my app to apk but now i am getting error when i try to export here is aia
Yudhbhoomi.aia (4.3 MB)
please help me

What error you are getting??

An internal error has occured

From a quick look you have 34 screens that might cause problems

@dora_paz what should i need to do i need all these screen there are 43 screens in the app can you suggest me any solution?

Try to reduce screen add items in arrangement and make it visible true or false as per your requirements

@Sooraj_Aniyeri @dora_paz
I have removed 6 screens but problem is not solved can you tell me maximum screens number?.Thanks in advance

Try to reduce more screens…

Why you use a lot of screens?

Please use arrangement method

(Please check all screen is there a error is showing )

@dora_paz @Sooraj_Aniyeri
I am getting this error when i try to import screen from main project to test project when i export test project it shows

Help me

@Sooraj_Aniyeri thanks problem has been solved by checking every screen 1 by 1 i tooks me 3 hours :sweat_smile:

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