I Can Not Build My Project

I Can Not Build My Project. Please Check My AIA Where is Wrong…
Network.aia (1.1 MB)

I am Facing this Issue.

Worked Fine For Me -
Network.apk (6.9 MB)

But I Advise You Build It On Your Own, As You May Require The Same Keystore to Be Used to Update Your Apps At Play Store or Other App Stores, If You Are Using Self-Managed Keystore.

See If You Can Find Anything in the Keystore Section of Account Preferences.

In My PC its Not work. In My Laptop Work. After Export One Screen load again and again.

I Am Not Change anny Keystore.

Think There Is No Other Reason that Would Show this Error. Try Changing the Default Keystore and Using Custom Keystore Instead.

If you wish pm me a screenshot of you preferences in creator to see how your keystore looks

Please Check PM