I cannot open my projects

helo everyone is it only me that cannot log into kodular? I’m doing one of my projects when I tried to open the list of my projects and it said this


Same problem with me, i think kodular creator is down

thank god im the only one. do u know if this usually happen for along time?

I never had this error before :sweat_smile: i think its error in user authentication

I’m getting the “Mismatching redirect URI”

same error with me

I just notified this to admins…


Same error with me

Kodular is now working!

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It may be because it has to be updated. Kodular Creator has not been updated since September 4, 2020. App Inventor was last updated on November 17, 2020.


Kodular and App Inventor are never updated at the same time. If it had to be updated, this problem would’ve happened with everyone months ago.