I Can't Connect Some Blocks to One

The two blocks (‘and logic block’ and ‘textbox.text’ blocks that I mentioned in the appendix do not connect to each other.

Normally the code blocks should be connected and there should be no problem, but when trying to connect the code blocks they push each other.


Android 7.0

The Hint block does not find in the and/or sockets. The and/or sockets are for booleans, such as CheckBox1.Checked. You cannot check if the hint of a TextBox is true, this does not make sense. This is why the blocks pushed each other.

also the textbox does not accept the text block.

Of course not. The or/and block only accepts booleans, i.e. true or false values. Texts can only be strings, i.e. texts. It’s like asking if a cubic centimeter is larger than a centimeter. These two values are incomparible.

Looking at this leads me to think that you are a beginner. Start with some simple things first, then climb your way up.