I can't create table extension

Hello every one, can any help me please…
When I open screen4 the compnonat of build a table dont work but in the same time when I click on button add it’s work, why in this side work unlike the another side, by the way I try the condition {if. Then} and nothing change, thank’s all.
Thus is my compnonat’s

Excause me but what you mean?

I mean I am working on a solution or extension for this but I will publish this soon
Edit: I Can’t Create Table Extension

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The web component works asynchronously, which means, the result you will get back in the Web.GotText event



Thank’s every one who answering me and who dosen’t answer.
Mr. Taifun you mean I put compnonat build table in web got text?.
But I want table build when screen 4 initialize. Did it work? Thank you.

Thank you I will edit it. :blush: