I can't download a PDF from a popup in webview

When I download the PDF it downloads normally, but the information I type in the field is not being saved in the PDF. In the web browser it is fine. the correct one is to download with the information that you typed, but it is coming in blank.

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OK thanks !

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I guess not related to devoloping :roll_eyes:

On my site there is a button that opens a modal for me to type a value and, when I click on the button below that modal, a PDF is generated with the information that is typed. But the PDF is downloading normally, but the information you type in the modal comes empty. as if I hadn’t inserted it in the PDF… OBS: in the external browser Google Chrome this option is working normally and inserting the correct information… Only in Webview that doesn’t work.


When generating the receipt it downloads normally, but the information I added is not saving in the PDF. It’s downloading the PDF without the information I added.

Does it work in your browser? Looks like this is a problem in your website

global Url will never be equal to Save File As, so ConfirmJs will pass false.

Yes, in the browser it is working normally, only in Webview that does not work. I’m using the CustomWebview extension.