I can't export the apk file


Hello Koders, in this last week I have advanced a lot in my project and I wanted to export my application to run it from Android, but it does not allow me. I researched in the community and found no solution. This was the error message. There was an error compiling! This component is the one that caused the error “Firebase authentication” asked me if they could correct this error. Thanks for your attention.

seems like you’re using firebase auth, have you uploaded the services.json file?


upload google-services.json file of firebase auth, and search before asking, this topic has been posted before.


The json file is already included in the application. When I remove Firebase authentication I let myself download the apk.

then there is error in your blocks, check your blocks and firebase project setting,

make sure the package name is same as u set upon getting the .json file from firebase.

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The package name, the Firebase URL and the Firebase token are correct. The error has the component “Firebase authentication” when removing it worked the download of the Apk.

Does the package name in the JSON match your ap package name? That’s the prime culprit of the error you are facing, as pointed out by others. The Firebase Auth component has been tested to work perfectly, with proper configuration.

I speak of this component
HFLC4, not the extension. Already check and everything is well related.

Please share your AIA here so that we can take a look


Have you ever been able to compile and produce an APK file of this app before?

Because this looks a lot like the error message we get with the defective API 28 compiler on Thunkable Classic, when a very large application exceeds the limit (the faulty API 28 is unable to process anything larger than 1/3 the size of app that did compile properly with API 26).

So the bottom line issue could be:
How large (number of components and number of blocks) is your app?

Can you show us your package name from designer

Did you by any chance rename your google-services.json file, if so

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