I can't find the Publisher ID for my Amazon ad

I am making an app in Kodular. I am trying to implement Amazon ad. I created a developer account in Amazon. I registered my app also. I tried the key and app id both available in Amazon developer console but nothing works. I want to know exactly which is the Publisher ID and Where to get it exactly. Why there is no guide of any components in Kodular Docs. Kodular team should update the docs. It will be very helpful to us. Thanks.

Watch this tutorial video

Or this

I saw these videos before. No youtuber gave proof of how ads are displayed.

no Amazon not provide ads in apps. i already tried it.

If that is the fact then why Kodular gave the amazon ad option?? I don’t know what is going on.


i tried alot but they never provide ads…

But why? Why the option is there then? Is this really true what Alapjeet Singh Bhaiya said

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If you still want ads then you can use enhance extension.

Can you please help me with that. I mean how to setup that. Can you guide me please

Ya ok. I will help you.


bro you want aia or Blocks screenshot

Both please

ok i will you tutorial so that you can use that tutorial anytime you need

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Alapjeet_Singh_RK You said you will give me tutorial. Where?

Sorry brother. Yesterday busy in festival. Today i will provide you & bro for publish id you need to publish atleast one App on Amazon stor e.

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I already uploaded my app on Play Store, Is it not enough or I will have to upload it again to Amazon app store ?

You have to upload it on Amazon Store…

I uploaded it, now?

Now your app is available in amazamazon store or not?