I can't live test my app on Companion

I scanned a Live Test QR Code, But Kodular’s website is not proceeding further and the App too.

I have already restarted my router, phone, and also tried to clear cookies and also cleaned the app data. I also tried to login with another account. Still I am facing same issue


Be patient, wait some time and it will work. I’m also facing the same problem


Please also put this in the #discuss category, please, not #kreatorcamp. Thx.


I am waiting since more then half hour.

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Me too, just now it started working for me :slight_smile:

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The server automatically restarts every hour, so waiting a little should make the problem go away :smile:


It’s working for me now… :+1:

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I wait for 1.5 hours but still it stuck at 47%

Close window and re try, for me it’s working ok.

I tried so many times

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