I cant see my Banner when ı download APK

Guys I have Admob account. And ı want to add banner to my app. I did it. I was see when I connect with TEST COMPANİON . but When ı was Download apk I cant see my banner.

Is test mode enabled? If not then your apps needs to be approved for ads by Kodular to show ads in the APK

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Okey i will try it. Then if not work?

Bro I can see test ad. But when ı close test mode ı Can’t see real banner.

I also did the same modular has approved my app for ads but Admob banner not showing only interstitial showing

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What error message it returns?

No error message. Not just showing in the block isaid when screen initialise load Admob banner then when ad loaded set Admob banner visible to true but in the Admob component like interstitial there is no show Admob banner ads

Have you tried Ad Failed to Load block?

No I have not

Use that first. To identify error.

After identifying error what do I do next

Do you yet know what problem it returns?! We have to know that problem to solve.

OK I will try it later am not with my PC now any problem it return I will let you know. Thank you

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Ads loaded successfully but due to ad inventory the ad is not showing that was the message I received

Usually this error occurs when your app is not comply with Google’s Minimum App Functionality policy.
Possible solutions:-

  1. Give your app a professional look.
  2. App contents should be helpful to users and copyright free.

Ok, thanks

Hey ı was get 3 error code. What is mean ?

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That’s mean ad request successfully but due to lack of ad in inventory no ads shown

how to sign apk

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