I cant see sdk 33 ? new version

Don’t get confused with minimum SDK and targeting SDK. From project settings you set min SDK , targeting is set automatically


Ok u mea i export normal aab and will. It changes to 13sdk33

Automatically ??

Yes it will

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Thank u for help

I clicked on setting icon top right and reached to drop to update not SDK33 not showing in dropdown. How to update please tell me.

You are another lost soul who does not understand the difference between min sdk and target sdk


Android 13 (API level 33) or higher will cause KODULQR to be rejected due to targeting issue? There is no workaround to fix it yet. If anyone has fixed it, please help me

Will the SDK 33 update not come on the Kodular platform? Kindly tell Kotler that there is.

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Friend @Taifun
You could say what needs to be done instead of judging beginners. How can the problem be worked around or resolved? Thanks

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edit with apktool

Can you explain to us how?
Is there an official Kodular position on this?

It’s not very complicated, if you try to understand the text.

Minimum SDK level: indicates what level of Android your application will be available from, for example if you select (Android 10 - API 29) those with Android 9 or lower will not be able to use it.

The maximum SDK is the one we try to keep up to date, to meet GooglePlay requirements, i.e. automatic if the platform is updated, as was the case with the recently integrated SDK 33.


SDK 33 is already integrated then.
There is confusion with this minimum SDK field as it is the only field of its kind in the system.

you can use apktool M if you want to edit on phone which offers decent gui
or apk easy tool on pc
actually you can just edit manually use 7zip to decompile the apk and edit the androidmanifest.xml change target sdk to whatever you want and save

but i sugest to use alternative app store that is much better then play store like fdroid or apkmirror,apkcombo,apkpure,uptodown

Nothing needs to be done, just build the app



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Still scene this error when build and uploaded to google play "** Your app includes non compliant SDK version**

Your app includes non compliant SDK version

Your app includes non compliant SDK version



Hello, I did a search here in the community, but I still have questions.
When will api 33 be released? Do you already have a release date?
I want to create my app but with an API lower than 33 it is impossible