I can't upload block properly from file .aia

i make app in mit app, then I want to change to kordular but i can’t up load properly. Pls help me :((

Welcome to community. First upload aia to https://unchive.kodular.io/ tio see if aia contains components not compatible with Kodular. Do you get any messages when you upload aia that indicates the problem ?

yes, it said

Simple recreate your project in kodular.

:(( oh come on. It can’t be the solution cause i spent so much time to make it ::

Project uses face extension and works with canvas component which is different in Kodular. For example set canvas.BackgroundImageinBase64 doesn’t exist in Kodular and this is why you can not use it in Kodular. I believe you have to work with MIT App Inventor for that specific project

thank you :))

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