I can't upload images via FTP

Logre cargar las imágenes a 000webhost usando ftp, pero al usar un servidor de paga no sube ninguna imagen, realiza correctamente la conexión con el componente ftp.connection status pero nunca sube la imagen. Alguien podria ayudarme por favor, el nuevo servidor usa plesk.

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I managed to upload the images to 000webhost using ftp, but when using a paid server it doesn’t upload any images, it correctly connects with the ftp.connection status component but never uploads the image. Could someone help me please, the new server uses plesk.

Did you set your working directory correctly ?

This is your public directory not new name.

File Path is your image path so give only Foto1.Picuture

new name is your image name which will saved in your server so it is like foto.png

put this
in new name parameter

Sorry I got confused, the correct blocks are these. In 000webhost the root is public_html, in plesk the root is httpdocs. Using the same programming in 000webhost the images are sent without any problem, when sending to the new server nothing is uploaded.

??? Your working directory should be like this
don’t inclue public_html it is default

I have tried to store directly in the root “httpdocs” and they are not sent, really where I want the photos to be stored is here.

When I use FileZilla it makes the connection and I can upload files, in kodular it just stays loading and never uploads anything, which did not happen to me in 000webhost

You can save file to only those folders which you give permission to the ftp user.

Have you made Ftp username,Password,Etc.
if yes than whatever directory you set during the making of ftp username. the file is save in that folder.

This is where the users are managed, use the one at the root /.
I connect with that username and password, it makes the connection, in the same way in filezilla it connects in the root.

this is how the component looks like in kodular

I am testing an extension of TaifunFTP and here if the files that I send in any direction are displayed, it may be that it requires that extension or there is the possibility of working with the one shared by kodular.?

so set the working directory to /web_users as you shown in the screenshot.

ftp component codular not working. you will not be able to upload anything to the server. need to buy a worker

What ??

Mine project is working perfectly with ftp component.

I have a connection to the server, but nothing is uploaded to the server, as the author of the topic writes

I think you both do anything wrong in filling the right fields like ftp details. Because my one is working fine.

If you use any type of CDN like cloudfare or something than you have to fill the server address instead of ftp server.

I tried different options, both from YouTube and from the Kodular forum. The connection was successful, but the photo cannot be uploaded to the server

Do you fill public directory correctly and same as your ftp user acess directory.

try by making a fresh ftp user.

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The photo has been successfully uploaded to the server. now tried another method

blocks (14)

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Were you able to upload the photo to your server by changing the /.png address parameters?

yes, I could. everything is fine loaded on the server

Could you help me? Please do you have a number where I can write to you?