i-CPU - Get All Details About Your Device In One Place

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This App Displays all the useful information about your smart phone in one place.
you will get the details like.

  • Android Version
  • API Level
  • Hardware Serial No
  • IMEI No
  • Mobile No
  • Resolution
  • Density
  • Timezone
  • Security Patch Level
  • Root Access
  • Battery Status, Temperature, Health, Level & More
  • Local IP
  • MAC Address
  • SSID

and a lot more options

This app is stil in development mode so some options are not available, Anyone who is interested are welcome to test the app. Please Provide Feedback to improve this app.


App Store/Download link:

Download APK - iCPU.apk (5.7 MB)

Special Thanks To

  • :kodular: Kodular
  • @Mika for SpecialTools Extension
  • @hammerhai for Host Extension
  • @Taifun for TaifunTools, TaifunBattery and TaifunHeadset Extension
  • @pavi2410 for PhoneInfo Extension

Update Release Notes

New Update - 7 Jan 2019

  • App name changed to i-CPU [Thanks for voting everyone]
  • Added Camera Test
  • Added Screen Touch Test
  • Added Check Available Sensors
  • Added Sound Test

Your app has some errors …!

I have 16GB SD card and its almost free
Look what your app shows

Very nice, man. You should send it to Google Play


WTF is this? Some knock off? It’d Kodular.

You’re welcome. Do you have any suggestions for features? PM if you do, some like to steal ideas.


Your App is amazing it’s working for me without any bug don’t give aia to anybody

Ha ha… My bad… I type so fast that r is missed. Kodula is sounds like a Dracula. :joy:
Thanks for indicating.

Yes… I have some suggestions… I’ll pm you with a list of ideas.


As I mentioned in the bold letter that this app is in development mode so some of the options will not work and the storage option is one of them


I want to upload this app into the Play Store but I am worried about the google terms and condition regarding the phone permission required for this app.


Thanks… I am not giving the aia file to anyone.


No way! I have to say your app is really cool, hope you do fix those bugs too!

Your overall apps is pretty much good, but I have one suggestion for you, if you are planning to publish this app on Google Play then change the name of your app, because it sounds similar to an app called CPU-Z. Others might think that your apps is just a copy of it and hence will not download it.

What kind of bugs you are talking about… If its storage related then let me tell you that the storage and some other options are not ready yet… I am still working on that…


Thanks for the heads up… If you have any suggestions regarding app name then pm me pls…


Something like this or you can play around to find a better one.

you are right @Shreyash, i want something short & simple… something like the options given below.

please vote for the best name you prefer

  • i-CPU
  • i-Tools
  • Pro CPU
  • AIO Tools
  • Tech-IP

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if you have any other name ideas then plz share if you don’t mind.


I think pro CPU is good name

What is the minimun android version, which the app supports?
I have tested on Android 5.0 and it crashes on initialisation

Yet to test on other devices.


I would just add “Tools” to the first given name. “A-Z CPU Tolls”


min api is 19 (Android 4.4)


Unfortunately it crashes on Android 5.0 :confused: