I created a beautiful UI/UX for a movie app

i have a beautiful design for movie but idk how to publish movie on app ? like is netflix how t o upload a movie on my app ? thnx!

learn basics about cloud storage , apis, and database than you will understand all the things


If you have permission to publish movies then you can, else you can not

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but where to see i have permission or not ? :stuck_out_tongue:

hello, but where to learn ?

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this is not my solution i need to publish movie in my app because i buy the movie i dont do copyright do u understand the post ?

Just because you bought the movie doesn’t mean you can publish it. Buying the movie gives you the right to watch it, not upload or publish it. For that you need permission from the movie producers.

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read this

but where to get permission?

Contact the movie production company in the first instance.

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No one should provide you with help to do something that may not be legal. Please first prove you have permission to do what you want then you might get help. Until then please stop asking.