I deleted my project accidentally!

Why you guys are asking the same question again and again? What’s your problem?

I knew that i have to type the app name to delete it and i accept it’s my stupid mistake. I’m from Kashmir, here the administration suspended internet service as well as calling service for 6 months, from August 4, 10 days ago they restored low speed 2g internet service in the state, i was so excited to see Kodular Eagle update. I opened the site, due to low speed creator site lags a lot so accidentally i clicked on delete option due to excitement i just entered the app name so it got deleted. Next i will take care about it. Now I’m waiting for Deigo for reply.

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I also comefront same problem i contact @Diego (1 Month ago) But He is not responding

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Why don’t other staff members help us? It’s too important for me to recover my app. My app is on play store with 5k+ downloads, @Hossein @Vishwas please help!
@Deigo please recover id: 6748190468472xxx

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In these cases. I think there should be a recycle bin in @Kodular . And that they are the users that control that they want to eliminate permanently. Then only the projects in the bin disappear automatically 30 days later. Instead of incurring requests.

It is only a suggestion for the Staff. :slightly_smiling_face:

Do not disclose that data.

How come you have such an important project and you have no aia backup?
Sadly some people needs to learn from bad experiences like this. I’m almost 100% sure you will start making backups more often. Especially of your finished apps.


Sent you a message with the files


Thanks a million, BTW how do i change .rar in .aia format?

just unzip it, with winrar and you will find files,

Unzipped, i got .bky file what to do with it?

Just rename the .rar file to .aia and upload to the Creator


Actually i did it earlier but was a doubt, thanks for clarifying :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

I changed the file from .rar to .aia
My phone: Redmi note 7 pro it supports changing of extension

show the content of the aia, open it with 7-Zip or WinRAR:

No assets, src folder​:kissing:

Hi, If you have and old .aia project just enter to the folder where screens are and replace by the new files you have.
Or download an .aia and check its body, then you can make your own .aia , just make it into a .zip and rename it to .aia

Yah, i did it earlier. But this is also showing error.
@Boban is expert in aia structure, please have a look​:sweat_smile:

I’m not at home for the moment, if it’s not get fixed until I get home I will take a look at it :hugs:

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Showing the same error!:sweat:

Its opening in mine


EDIT: aia file removed