I discovered this Airtable, has anyone used it yet?

I discovered this Airtable, and I think it’s Indian, I followed the setup of the screen and the blocks. It worked, but realize that when you insert the product, the ListView is reversed line 2 (NAMA) and 3 (Alamat). And when choosing the product to do Update, then the text boxes at the top 2 and 3 are also inverted. They also appear like this after clicking the listView:
Nik: …
Nama: …
Alamat: …

Does anyone know how to respond? If you want I can post here the link already ready: YouTube

Maybe look for an English tutorial on Youtube

Look in the forum for help

Hi, I think you did not understand, I said that I followed everything correctly and it worked, it just changed lines 2 and 3, and I do not know what’s happening. I can send the aia around here so you can understand better.

I see he is not responding to your questions on youtube. That’s the problem with youtube videos. To help you others have to watch the video to. If the tutorial was here in the forum it would be easier.

Maybe you can find your answer in all the other guides here on the forum with the link i gave you.

Do you want me to send you the AIA already ready for this video? So you see what’s happening and show me the right answer, can I send it?

No thank you. You could post your blocks here in the topic so someone can help you.

I’ll do that, so if you can, I’ll be grateful.

air1 air2 air3


Instead of setting data to listview set data to a label and see how it is got.
And share your results here.