I download a pdf and its downloaded successfully, but?

I download a pdf and its downloaded successfully, but again I click on pdf its again downloading.
How I can I do, if I download once time and again click its open direct.

Read this topic. It can help you

seen it, what I’m doing wrong

Try to add / after Solution

Like this

/Download/SK CLASS/Solution/

ok or other problem


Its work? Or not?

not working
error show (cann’t display new.pdf file)

let us know where the location of the downloaded file path. (OnDownloadComplete)

Show filepath in label. And show us the result

I don’t get your point
and I don’t use companion

Okay, no problem. I feel the problem is the file directory. that is, between where the downloaded file is stored and when checking the availability of a file for download if it does not already exist or to open a file if the file is already available.

You can view your downloads by opening the file manager and looking for where the downloaded files are stored.

hllo brothr, plz help me

Try to get file
image (1)~2

Join file://

Or using Activity starter to open file

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ok now I check it

not working