I exceed the Assets limit, but I don't have any Assets in my file

Hello everybody!
I have an application built in Kodular, which I want to export to ABB. However, I receive the error “Exceeded asset limits for the free plan”, that is, the 5MB of assets released. However, I don’t have any files in my aia file.

Even without any image, json or extension in the app, my builder displays this error, saying that I am using 8MB of the 5MB available. How can I resolve such a problem?

I left my .aia file for them to download and validate the error. I need to publish this update quickly, due to Play Store API 33.

Thanks in advance.

MasterPiece_Scorer_NoAssets.aia (7.7 MB)

You have a project within your project

Sorry, I do not understand. What does that mean?

MasterPiece_Scorer_NoAssets.aia (770.8 KB)

It is corrected there, I suggest you not use Airtable, if you are going to use a free account since its use is very limited, it only supports 1000 monthly queries.

Thank you for the tip!

Could you please tell me how you resolved the problem? This .aia file was generated after I removed all the assets to prove the error, but I have the original application with all the images and I wouldn’t like the hassle of adding all the assets again. Could you explain to me how to correct it within my main APP file?

Regarding Airtable, which other platform would you recommend?

When you open the AIA with winrar or winzip you will see another nested project inside the ASSETS folder, which you must delete.

Baserow is an alternative to Airtable

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