I found 2 bugs in Kodular!

After appearing this latest version of Kodular, I found 2 bugs in the web viewer, and the main page. I am confused and wondering how to solve it. By the way, I’m from Indonesia and using Google Translate to write this, here’s the bug:

  1. Bug in web viewer

the web viewer seems to only fill half the screen not full

  1. On the main page the screen keeps shifting to the right without stopping

Later I will give the proof in the form of a video because I use a cellphone to write this

This bug is fixed

Welcome to the community. Have you updated Companion to Version 1.5.1 ?

I’m using companion version 1.5.0

Please update it


Ok thanks for the information

Update from Playstore or from here :point_up_2:

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I’ve turned it into an app, do I have to convert it to a re-apk?

Please give an answer

What do you mean by that ?

sorry if I’m fussy and weird, so here goes: I’ve converted the iai file to apk, should I rebuild the app?

If apk was created with latest version I believe there is no need to do it. Why won’t you test it on your phone to see if it works ?

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Alright thanks everyone! Good afternoon Indonesian time! Thank you Codular!

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