I got a Achievement in Kodular, Can Anyone Help me?

I have got this…

What can I do with this Certificate in kodular??
& What are the rules for my profile??

Its just to show that you have knowledge about advanced tools of community, nothing else…

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Really, ok , Nothing to say…:no_mouth:

NO… I am also having that…

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No no I see this first time that’s why

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Oh okay :+1::smiley:

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Does this will add some rules in my profile or chatting?? Because I got a badge after that ( License & Member )

by the way thank you @Technical_Zone

It doesn’t upgraded anything in chatting… In you profile it will be shown as a badge… Nothing will be changed with your user experience…

Ohh! Ok Ok, Thank you :blush: @Technical_Zone

btw, in the mean time talking to you,… I got this




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