I got error when export

I got errror too. But this not bcause of extension . I just use phase & custom spotlight extension
And it work before. But now i got error when export.

Yours is probably a different issue from what I can see in the logs, so please do a search in the community…

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Please follow the suggestion given in my previous post .

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No look on this, i create new project to test & get same problem.

If there is no problem with package name Pls follow the serial no 2

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If your problem persists post your aia file or blocks.

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I just make new blank project to test it has error or not . And get same result .

If no blocks mean , also it will give you the same problen. Anyway let me check it from my side now

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Ok thank you, please tell me if you got same problem

No issue from my side. Existing project and empty project also compiling nicely…

Sign out from you acc. Clear cache. Relog in to kodular then try to build againK

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Please see the error shown by Kodular. Build servers are busy. It means you have to wait. And have to retry

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I said your problem was different, so don’t pollute the thread with irrelevant questions…

Now I have moved everything to a new thread, so stay here please…


Hello i have try to export my project to. Apk but get error . So i try to make new blank project and get same result


It’s showing servers are busy (or, may be down). Do what is says. Try later.

You can check Kodular server status here

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Thank you everyone, I don’t know what made it like that but now it’s working well