I had make food order app but i need help

Pls give aia for food ordering app…

Make one yourself and if you stuck then ask here.
It is very bad experience to see topics and posts like this.
You can also hire an app developer.

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Sorry, this forum is meant for helping people with original projects not to give pre-made aia

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I had made… But i use list view in that

I am sorry.I am unable to understand this.
And if you need help then first change this topic title.

Krdia change bas khush

English please…

Also, this is not the first time for you to make this kind of demands…

I didnt made any demand… I just want to make food order app thats look good
In my app i use only list view

Ahem… Like you didn’t ask for an AIA file

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Sorry a big sorry :pray: :pray: :pray:
I will never ask here anything ok… Because u didnt want to help

It is your choice.
We will help only if you want to get help.
First you asked for AIA file.
Then you asked for help.
And now you are saying that you do not need any help.
Finally, read this:

Why u reply if u dont wants to help…let other ppls help me…

Thank you for your suggestion.
I am just going to leave and mute this topic as you suggested.

I didnt told u