Required A Extension For List Like Zomato add and remove button

I want Extension that List with Quantity Box … like zomato ? and List have its own Hight and width properties. i can buy it from extension developer

I think this should help you
Check it out

Thank you for sharing my post and yes i can create such list . you dont need any extension for such list. if you are interested to get this list then kindly message me personally.

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Hello welcome! Have you tried doing it yourself? :kissing_heart:

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i dont know Java? how can i make it ?

As you said
You don’t need any extension for this things just efforts work for this. & @hitesh can help you without extensions

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I created this list on kodular for my food app . if u need it then let me know.


Wow, such a clean and beautiful UI :star_struck:

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I think the screenshot you gave is from another app. It’s not generated from the extension. Give us the example apk file. so that we can trust you.

Exactly this is what happens when i create such high quality aia file , people doubt my work because no one has ever created such high quality lists.
I created it on kodular using my custom list extension and here is the proof apk and airtable database image i used for my aia file

APK : food_list_swiggy.apk (5.5 MB)

airtable image :

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By the way, the prices you put are hilarious :rofl:
Like 7k for Paneer Bhurji :thinking:
And 17k for Noodles :joy:

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yah test data :rofl::rofl:

₹17990 for Noodles with Manchurian…much expensive than Marriott


Did you get your listview… If not i can make the design you want using dynamic components and can add the properties you want… I’ll charge $4

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Hi Hitesh,

This is khader.
I need Similar extension with + and - button.
email: [REDACTED]

Whats app me removed by Mod - please do not post personal info, instead use PM if you required following extension

View is like following screen shot

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please send ur watsapp number