Want to Make a Delivery App

Hello, Sorry to Disturb I wanted to create a local delivery app for my region, is it possible to make it in kodular. Like in which user can log in/signup next they upload their shopping list and feed their location and contact details & submit it and we get thew uploaded shopping list and details. and if possible I can show a section in my app where they can see their recent orders.

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Simran Adenwalla,

yes :+1:

See here:

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But i dont have a budget to buy it can i design my own

This requires effort, knowledge in: programming, database …


Yes ned good backend.
80% work of backend

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I have a hosting available. Is there any video which explains this.

Thanks for reply

Everything is available on YouTube.

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You need knowledge of php or nodejs or any server language to make backend.
For backend you can pm me

yes you can make otherwise hire a developer for doing it

@simran_adenwalla, you can develop a very nice user interface with kodular and manage the data with google sheets and google app script in the background.

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Using a google form might help

You can create your own form in kodular with Firebase as a database
I think that would be better

recently i’ll compelete our food delivery app


How did you add the cart system

i can Help in Cart Option.
Just PM me.

And it’s Free. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I am from ambala
I needs food delivery app and cart system
Please help

I needs;
Store manager app aia
Admin app aia
User app multi vendor app aia
Delivery boy app aia
Firebase and airtable both databased

I removed your personal information, use PM


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