[Paid] 🚴‍♀️ Delivery App , user app + delivery boy app with ⚡real-time tracking⚡

Features of the USER APP:

  • Clean and minimalist UI

  • Instructions for the delivery boy when picking up and delivering the order

  • Information on the route, distance, time and cost.

  • Messages for every action the delivery boy performs (When he picks up the package, when he is on the way, when he reaches the destination and when he delivers the package).

  • :zap:Real-time tracking​:zap: of the postman and button to call him (see video at the end of the post).

  • Other screens such as profile, data and orders placed.

Features of the DELIVERY BOY APP:

  • Push notifications of new orders when the app is in the background.

  • List of pending orders and switch to activate or deactivate your status as delivery boy.

  • Instructions for picking up and delivering the package. Confirmation messages in each change of order status to avoid mistakes.

  • Sending the location so that the user can see your position in :zap:real-time:zap:.

  • Other screens such as profile, data and orders placed.

Demo video: Left user app - right delivery boy app

  • Address search function added (See video below).
  • 2 versions available:
    • Version using Google Maps API (Greater precision, but paid after a request limit has been exceeded)
    • Version that uses a free API (less precision, but completely free)


  • Bugs fixed.
  • Translating or changing texts is now very easy, everything is in a .json file.
  • Added restrictions and animation if there is no internet connection (auto show and auto hide).

USER APP apk for test

DeliveryApp_User_v1.2.apk (8,2 MB)

DELIVERY BOY APP apk for test

DeliveryApp_DeliveryBoy_v1.2.apk (8,2 MB)

login with:

email: [email protected]
pass: abc123

PM me for aia.


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Hi, sorry I deleted the other post because I posted it empty by mistake.

Nice One, I liked the real time navigation feature.
Btw, from where you get the illustrations and animations.
Can you share its source :blush:

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For animations LottieFiles and own resources

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Means you create them by yourself. Nice :astonished:

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Very nice! it looks amazing…how much??

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Welcome @CodyTech you can PM him for that.

As you are new you can’t do that so ask @Franklin_Lopez to PM you :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi, I sent you a PM.

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Waoo! it’s great :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Nice UI and performance!! :grinning: :+1: :+1:

But how did you set Push Notifications in background also?

Hi, yes, notifications are received in the background when there are new orders

Ohh…Is your app for multiple delivery boys or only for single delivery boy?

Multiple delivery boys

Great Job ! Great UI !


Did you use One Signal Push Notification for that!

Yaa!! Completely Agreed!!

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Yes, onesignal for push notifications


Then why didn’t you share the logic behind the Background Working for Push Notifcation as this is very curious question among Koders!

Let share your logic tohelp others Koders also!

Maybe I will make a guide, but I think there is already one, I will review the forum and if it does not exist I will make one