[Paid] πŸ“… Booking App, user app + admin app to book appointments

I present a project with which you can create applications for users to book appointments, for businesses such as barber shops, hairdressers, medical clinics, veterinarians, etc.

Features of the USER APP:

  • Clean and minimalist UI
  • Login with email and password, or Google account.
  • Enter the app logged in or as a guest
  • Translating or changing texts is now very easy, everything is in a dictionary block.

  • Show special offers.
  • Search bar.

  • Cool bottom bar

  • Generation of the calendar with names of the days.
  • Automatic blocking of the reserved date.
  • Payment by paypal or cash.
  • Reservation reminders (direct to phone calendar, so it works in the background)

Features of the ADMIN APP:

  • Push notifications of new orders when the app is in the background.
  • Add and edit services / products.
  • Validate appointment payments.
  • Sending push notifications from the admin (for offers or campaigns)
  • Add and remove administrators.
  • Establish the days the business works
  • Translating or changing texts is now very easy, everything is in a dictionary block.

USER APP apk for test

BookingApp.apk (8,9 MB)

Sign up or sign in with:

email: [email protected]
pass: abc123

For Admin app PM me

PM me for aia.


Hi @Franklin_Lopez
Great App :+1:
I’ve 2 suggestions:

  1. Don’t enable this slider. According to me, it doesn’t looks nice. Rest is your wish :slightly_smiling_face:

  1. Some of the card views/VA/HA are clickable as whole. Like this:

Rest is GR8.

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And is there any evil plan going on :smiling_imp:

ill cut you dont test me GIF


Evil Plan, No one will come :laughing: :grin:

Btw Nice app @Franklin_Lopez, UI is attractive and users will definitely love it. :+1: :clap:


How is it made.rounded corner

Ui osm​:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thanks, I’ll have it in mind

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How can i add more branch barber shop if i have

for now the app is intended for a single branch

Without bottom sheet can you make ?

how can i rename dir like pic below when build app from aia.

Just rename the package in the Kodular project

Epic project @Franklin_Lopez :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Great ui.keep it up​:heart_eyes:

Thanks! I plan to keep updating the project.

Hey there @Franklin_Lopez

This is an amazing app, its awesome in both ui and functionality.

I believe you must be using some extensions in it, if so kindly give credits to the extension developers as well !



I will update the post with the list of extensions used.

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@Franklin_Lopez , Congratulations ! Again a well-developed app with a great UI.

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This application was made with kodular? If so, I ask you to teach me please …

yes, the app is developed in Kodular