Push notification when close app

Hello everyone, i am a newbie. I’ve joined my friend’s team to create an app. We don’t know how to create a push notifi when close app. Can anyone help me?
Thanks a lot!

Try the notification style extension and call it in the Screen On App Stop event, you can find the event in the Screen drawer


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I saw on Ytb that they use OneSignal, is it necessary?


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Clearly that I want to create code…ah…example in particular when u come to berlin, u r already in berlin. App sends a notification: Welcome to Berlin.
help me
what field of code does it belong to?
Help me tks u a lot Taifun
I would send money for u (if u notice)
(Tell me detail guide pls)

@toyotasupra1998 i can give a solution, let me know this is what you want?
if you open your app and if you’re in berlin, then it should send notifications “welcome to berlin”
and if you close your app yhen it should send notification like “see you again” etc…
am i right? if yes, i can create an AIA for you even without location service or any other extension?

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@toyotasupra1998 here is a mini demo and i hope this is what you want?

Similarly you can verify or dynamically set country,region,city,etc… and send notification on app open and on app close. like welcome and thank you.

No Location permission needed.

toyotasupra 2.apk (5.2 MB)

Above Apk i set to India and if in india you get notification and i hope you understand the whole thing, if it’s ok i can send the aia

hmm, actually nearly. again: when you r in berlin (or another place) the app would send notifi: welcome to berlin + close app(or open app)
Thanks a lot

thanks a lot! can you create aia?

yes its ready,

here is an updated dynamic video

i"m not gonna set an amount you can say your own.

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Thanks, can you create another instead of that berlin? Example: Where do u live? Substitute the place where you live instead of berlin.

I’m in India and i had done in the

this video

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tell me your place i’ll create, then you can understood

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ok, here i remove the if value,
so you get a notification with your country name by just opening the app.
toyotasupra 3.apk (5.2 MB)

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Hmm, can you tell me how to create push notification?
Ex: if I clicked button1, the app would send a notifi: u have clicked button1!
Thank you a lot, btw I’m Vietnamese

It’s simple

Download above extension and don’t use Kodular built in notification component

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Is it real :smiley: ? If I’m not in Indian, the app won’t send notifi that Welcome to Indian?

yes you can edit it in few seconds

Sry for excuse :heart:

Is it concerning to Location Sensor, OneSignal or Firebase?