I want to hire an extension developer

Howdy. I’m working on a project but stuck on the listview part. I’ll like to hire an extension developer who can create the list view shown on the screenshot.

Here is the components I used to create this.

  • Cardview
  • Vertical arrangement with background image
  • Horizontal arrangement
  • Label
  • Space.

What features I want?

I will like exact layout as shown in the screenshot, custom font feature and asynchronous image load. Nothing special else.

How much I can pay?

Depends on the time and extension. I can pay from 5$ to 30$. Payment by upi for India as soon as I tested the extension. For other countries payment by PayPal and might take a day or two.

If you’re interested please dm me. Thanks.


Don’t forget if your work is complete
You can give me small reward

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15 Dollar ListView advance customize · Appinventor/Thunkable Extensions
100 INR https://community.kodular.io/t/custom-listview-extension-v2-0-paid/33716/126
By Deephost (Suggested)Custom Design ListView Extension for Kodular | Dynamic Listview | Part 1 - YouTube

You Can Give me rerward if you want

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i have sent mail and waiting for reply.

already bought but cannot use due to some missing features and bugs

Checking out

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hello there, thank you so much for your interest. asynchronous image load is very important since im going to load a lot of images which can be large sometimes. also please do not post your personal information here you can dm me instead :slight_smile:

looking forward if you have any updates.

Can you tell me fullform of dm & PM

PM = Personal Message
DM = Direct Message

Where i post dm ?

click on “Message”

Ok thanks for information
But PM

its the same, please message me instead we’re going off topic and needs to stop :slight_smile: