Scrolling ListView Extension


My First Simple Extension

Function and Event Block

Try Awesome List View! It fits perfectly in a Scroll View.

• Full control over the items display (name, episode, text… whatever you want, just add it in the item class, and display it!)
• Items are fully interactable, with transition/navigation support
• Support callback on item click.

Download Aix: com.Sidcreative.ListScrolling.aix (12.3 KB) ListViewExtension.aia (17.8 KB)
Download Aia: ListViewExtension.aia (17.9 KB)
Download Apk: ListViewExtension.apk (5.4 MB)

How To Use

  • layout - Any Horizontal or Vertical on which you want to create Neumorphism effect.lightColor - the light color of shadow.
  • storyname - Add story or title of page.
  • titlelist- Add listview of Episode name or index.
  • textlist- Add listview of Episode text.[Text Length Long Recomended]
  • texthexcolor - the color of text you want.[Color Format #fff000]
  • bghexcolor - its a background color of list you are creating.[Color Format #fff000].

how to use

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You should add output screenshot.


Wow , It is like telegram chat feature where we see this animation in profile images.
Nyc extension.
But A little question can we use image as animation??

And @shanji76242143 , please follow the naming convention for your extension


In next update i will add icon or image

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output video is given below of first post.
screenshot cannot define the extension work.

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Noice Extension!!! But you can change episode Name List to TitleList and episode Text List to TextList

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I will update soon

I could see this as useful for me if I could list a table of contents and then jump to the section selected. Is that possible?

Great extension i like it

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Please explain

I would want to be able to jump to a section using the title list.

We keep employee handbooks in the app and right now we are linking to Google docs… If I could have them built in and have links to the different sections it would be much more user friendly.

@GaryH at this time no one extension works with google docs…
google sheet extension is available

I understand that. I would prefer to not open a Google doc in a web viewer and was hoping I could use this extension to have the handbooks in the app via text and be able to jump to a section using the titles.