I have a idea for Kodular

Hello Guys, i have a nice idea for Kodular.
We all or better said a lot of people use Extensions in their Projects.
If you built a few Projects you need to store your extension files on a save place with a description what the extenmsion do or what you can do with it.
So my idea. Why not make in the Dashboard a Section for extensions, where you uppload the extensions. You can put a comment to each of them. And the best thing is you have the extension in each new project what you started. So you dont need to llok for you extensions in the last project what you used. And if you work on a project and you want to test fast some things, i for my person i made a new project fast and try what i want to have. If i need extension for that i have to upload them at first.

I think this is a great feature for Kodular bc no other builder has that feature. And i think it can be useful. I work on my project sinde almost a year not exactly and in that time i lose a few extensions bc i deleted the download folder and so on. So you cannot lose your extensions. I know you can get the extensions back from your files but yes this i think is a better solution.

This is not a idea what i need in the next uplate or so or which is important. This was only a idea from me now, bc i sorted now my extensions files and uploaded a lot to my project.
Maybe if you want to make some fresh design updates or other things as well, think of that idea from me i think it is not much work.

Thanks guys and thanks for the update today, nice Job. The only builder which is up to date and made this year 3 updates, appybuilders last update was in october i believe. Thunkable did one update this year if i am not wrong but thunkable is a other builder. So it is not interest for us.

So thats really nice. Dont stop updating Kodular like in the past. :Herz Augen::kissing_heart:


We already have thought about Kodular Store integration with the Creator. The idea is that you can browse and pull screens/extensions directly from the Store, all without leaving the Creator.


Like Android Studio to look for plugins?

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- Like Android Studio to look for plugins?
+ Like Kodular Creator to look for extensions!

Woah! Kodular is the best, which is why they offer Free App Building, and guess what, IT’S FREE! Come here for an unlimited offer now!

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You will forget this word anymore, in the future :smirk: :joy:

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I have it on my computer, no way I will.

It would also be nice to copy designer things from one screen o another screen. Without to copy the whole screen.

It would also be nice to make in the block screen diffferent selections (windows) to sort the blocks in a better way. Height and weight likethe user want with transparent colors. Like you make a window for Login, You put all blocks into which are used for login. This will make it better to view If you open the blcok editor you have the window for this anmd that and you dont need to search where do you have that block or that block.
I hope you guys understand me what i mean.

I said; in the future. It can be anytime. I didn’t say any date. :sweat_smile: I said that because, Kodular always coming closer to Android Studio. We almost have code-less Android Studio.


This is what you want, right?

This is a great thesis yes and there are more interesting once to find through Google. App Inventor is now working on a function where you can work together on the same project. Like in Google Docs. It is also working on implementing Artificial Intelligence that works offline on your phone.

Testing of an Apple based companion is ready to start any day now. So in the future you can make android and apple apps for free.


Yes this would be nice to have folders, but without the bugs like: A procedure inside a block cannot be compatible with the world outside of his folder. If this is possible. But to have folder in that way was great with and without the written bugs. This would clean up teh workspace and make them faster to work i think. Bc your Browser have less to load.

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