I have a problem with my AIA

it happens that my app when it opens after 5 times shows a box asking if you want to qualify the app in google play, if you mark “yes” it takes you to the store but if you mark “no” you will never ask again, I would like someone to help me , that when you mark “no” the app will keep asking you until you accept to qualify. Can you help me modify the AIA please

----> AIA : Rate.aia (3.2 KB)

Well the reason is you do not have an ELSE statement in this block. The system does not have any instructions on what to do if it ids no.

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It happens that my friend sent me this AIA because the truth I do not know anything about programming with “scratch”, you can help me modify the AIA. Please cian :’( .

You have to know the basic principals of how the system works or you will be beholden to others to try to help all the time.

I suggest you go through the tutorials at Thunkable. They are short, and quick and help you learn the basic.s.

The blocks the Thunkable have are nearly the same as Kodular. In fact for Android, Kodular is way more extensive. So learn there and then bring those skill back here if you like.