I have a question about creating an apk (for a project I want to build)

Sorry I am a beginner, I am looking for the possibility to connect the HC-05 bluetooth module to the phone (android) automatically when it is in range.

I also made an app (via Kodular) to turn the LED on / off via the app after the phone automatically connects to the HC-05 and turns OFF when not in range.

Does anyone have a reference for that?

thank you :blush:

I don’t test, but you can connect you app with HC-05 or HC-06 shield.
The problem i see with you project is that first you need to search for all available bluetooth devices and select HC-05 or HC-06. How to tell the arduino that it is your application that has been connected and not another, I do not know.
Nor do I know how to program the arduino so that when it disconnects or is out of range the smartphone turns on the led red.

Here a video (is created in spanish languaje) but video it is without audio !!!
I’m sorry, but I need to mention it because here only videos in english language is allowed, so I do not violate any community rules !!! :wink:

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