I have a trouble with my calculator

Can anyone help me?

when I click on equals it happens. Calculadora_copy (1).aia (64.4 KB)

Welcome. It is better to show the relevant blocks of your project so that we can help you.

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try to understand the error message…
you are using the multiply block, your first argument is 5 and the second is empty string
to be able to multiplicate, you should use 2 numeric values… an empty string will not work…



Some prints.

Your global b variable remains empty when you click equals while performing multiplication that’s why this error is getting.

@erogi Are you sure it was my post that solved it?
I think not.
Was it the response of @The_K_Studio or @Taifun ?

before doing the calculation you have to check, if the data a and b is valid for example like this

if is empty a
then display a message "please enter a value for a"
elseif is empty b
then display a message "please enter a value for b"
else do the calculation



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