I Have Bug Plz Help Me

Hi I Have One Bug Help Me To Fix This Bug
Im Used Reverse List To Show Data In Top So When Im Going To Delete List It Was Perfectly Worked But Deleting Some Other Lists Because Of Im Using Reverse List
How To Fix It Plz Help If Anyone Experienced In This Thanks.

Show your blocks

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Show us blocks with example. So that we can easily understand and can provide you suggestion

If you want to delete, get infex number to be deleted and remove the item from the global list using remove item from the list block

Simple. No matter even if you use reverse the list at any place

Plz See It I Can Provide Aia For Better Understand

Like This

If you want last item to go top follow this

1st place = length of the list(list name)
2nd place = 1
3Rd place = -1

No need to use reverse the list

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Not Working And Im Also Confusing Plz Provide Better Details

Not Showing Lists

One Minute

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blocks - 2022-03-02T180602.848
Like this right ? @Still-learning


Not Working Its Hiding Lists

Now What the error it gives

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Only Showing Blank Page Not Creating Lists

Plz Check Aia File

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Its not working properly
its slowing my PC huge number of blocks in one screen :sweat_smile:
That’s why not able to do

But I think I got the reason

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Im Forget To Put Get Coloumn In Screen Initialize :sweat_smile:
And Thanks For Helping Both Of You Its Working Perfectly Now

Yaa that’s the first reason

you are doing right just remove the reverse list from that

Beacuse you just want its length
and you have already done the reverse list

Also Check that you are getting All volues on each variable in adding time
are empty or not

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Hello Hello Urgent One Bug Are Issued In Project Plz Help Me

Im Updated Order Date: But Its Not Showing In Lists Plz See It

You Have to Call Again Get Column Blocks to get the updated data in listview

Im Calling Again And Again But First One Order Date Was Not Showing

Im Again In One Issue But How To Solve It Plz Direct Me

Use this block before calling procedure

blocks - 2022-03-02T191733.047

Im Using This Procedure This Is Not Main Problem Main Problem Was Not Showing Order Date : Label

Everything were fine… still what you want