I have one Question can i use whatsApp logo in my app and then publish my app to playstore

My application needs whatsapp app logo to describe my app puropese but i have question which is mention in above title

You should not ask your question in your title but in the post.

You are not allowed to do that. You should educate yourself about the concept of copyright and trademark.

Slightly modify the original logo, then use it.

I found this, it might be helpful

Also this,

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i think u shallnt do it
make ur costum icon
related to whatsapp and upload
elsse ur app will get suspended maybe

Just read the usage guidelines and the rules for the type of logo and use it, its free and legal unless you violate any of the guidelines or the rules.

I shared their official documentation on using brand resources.

What if it is a personal and private app then? Can a personal app contain anything?

Yeah you can use it if you follow all the guidelines

I mean if a personal and private app can contain copyrighted content.

What do you mean by copyright content in particular?
The topic in talk here is about using WhatsApp logo (only)

The WhatsApp logo is protected, but if on a private and personal app, can I modify or do whatever as long as its on a personal and private app.

Yeah i guess you can edit,modify… But if you want to monetise your app or upload to play store or any store as such you cannot.

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@Haivaan Don’t give wrong info if you don’t know about it, It is clearly mentioned in the WhatsApp Logo guidelines Don’t recreate, edit or change anything in logo

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