I have problem on Google play and Keystore please help

(Roeun Technology) #1

Hello everyone and Kodular developers.

I am having a big problem that i can’t solve and i hope every seeing my post could help me.

I uploaded my application to google play but because of experiment i accidentally delete the keystore. I am trying to solve this problem and i can’t.

I also try to convert to .keystore that i export from my project to .pem but i can’t so i can’t change it on google play neither.
I also try to create a keystore and change it on Kodular but when i change i can’t build my project anymore(Error with APPSINGER).

I am looking for the ways i could change my keystore. if anyone know how to change keystore or export keystore as pem file i would really appreciate. Note : I can’t change my Keystore in kodular, when i change i can’t build my app. if you know how to solve it please tell me.

  • I also want to feedback to kodular developers that : Keystore is really important for android. Please create a feature that i could export the keystore as pem so i could tell google play to change my keystore and please fix APPSINGER error.

Roeun SokHeng,
Developer on Roeun Technology.


(Boban Stojmenovic) #2

if so then you’re screwed

project doesn’t contain keystore, your account does

you imported incompatible keystore to your :kodular: account