I have problem with the variables


I need help with this

in screen1 there will be 3 buttons (x,y,z)

in screen2 there is a counter variable which will be “post number” that will display next post or prevous post

For example, when x is pressed it will go to screen2 , now i want to lunch the variable “post number” to bring the content of post number 5 and display it in the textbox , but the content of post number 5 for x is different that the content of post number 5 for y and z

How to do it ?
i hope my explanation is clear

Do you want to have a pagination system like in blogs?

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honestly, i do not know about pagination system but i searched about it and i think my answer is no
i will explain more

Let’s say i have an excel sheet with 3 columns (x,y,z) and 10 rows, so i have 30 cells (every cell contains a comment)

in screen one the user will choose either x or y or z

let’s say he chose x, screen2 will open and now he will press next or previous to display the comments of column x

You can make it with TinyDB. Use tags like x, y, z to store a list of all rows.

When a cell is tapped, start the second screen with start value set to the column, for example, x. When the second screen is opened, from the start value (which is x), get the list from the tag x from TinyDB and get the rows from the list.