I have use 5 dynamic component extension to make a five Horizontal list view ,dynamic extension 1,dynamic extension2 etc

I want to create all dynamic component extension clickable, if user click list view 1 item then next screen show list view 1 item but user select dynamic listview 2 itme to next screen show that
Please help how i create this

What have you tried so far ? Post a screenshot

I have use 2 dynamic component, first component is vertical 1 and second component is vertical 2 ,but i dont know how to set clickable dynamic component, i use any card view click but i have use 2 component so how to set it please solve my problem

You do not have to use two dynamic components, use one and use different procedures to create your list views. Assign different keys and when any cardview click, first check if is dynamic and then check if id contains specific key then …

Can you provide me this type block images ,because i dont know how to create this procedure