I Just Published My First App Created with makeroid

What is the name of your app?

Code Hoga: Learn Webdesign (HTML,CSS,JavaScript)

Describe your app:

A Learning app For students and people looking to build their own website, a step by step explanation of html, css and javascript at a level anyone could understand. *( I have done my best to explain but honestly even i don’t know will others like it or not ? )


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Tem traduções?

Exemplo: Português?

Only English as of now but if you think i should add other languages too then maybe i will add later in future updates.

Translation For You: Apenas Inglês a partir de agora, mas se você acha que eu deveria adicionar outros idiomas também, então talvez eu adicionarei mais tarde em futuras atualizações.

Sim, se puder fazer uma versão em português, eu posso tentar ajudar mas traduções, procuro um app que ensine isso em português, a maioria são todos em inglês.

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Okay I will Publish an Portuguese Version Soon ( may be within 10 days ) but just mail me at amit4blogger2gmail.com as i will contact you to verrify my translation. I hope you can help!

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Enviei meu e-mail para você, entre em contato quando precisar.

Okay, i will get in touch once i have finished by rough translation, so i can show you my final version for verification.

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Hey! Can u tell me that how u create this type of list in makeroid and when we click one of the item it will go to another screen.
Plz Tell Me

It is quite simple use the List view Image and text option from the palette and drag it to the screen. Now create a global variable with any name you want and add value to it as described below for image, title and subtitle.

Then under blocks use when screen initialize and add the following block into it as shown below:

So if you set the global variable name as option then put the get option block in it and so on. I hope you understand my point. Now to bring new screen to open upon click use The “when list view image and text click” block and set the open screen name block with if else statement to work for different option clicked. Best of Luck For Your Project and have a good day!