I’m not able to compile the app. Server error

Please I need help.

I’m not able to compile the app.
server error.

the error is on the server. The message says server error: the target could not be compiled.
Only this message appears:

I developed an application for 2 months, suddenly Kodular no longer allows me to compile.
I need support please!

I created another app with just the home page and some images, and it doesn’t compile.
Kodular is not working.

Working just fine, either you have issues with your projects or connection…

Can you help me?
there is no design error. Kodular doesn’t say that.
Server error only.
How can I solve this problem?

Can you send me this project so I can take a look at it…

how can i send?
I can’t save the .aia or .apk or .aab file

You are unable to export your aia either

Inside your project


Or in project list


May I ask how big is your assets

I have 34 screens
most are web pages
I don’t know how to find out the size of assets

You need to check tip 1 here:

If you’re able to download the aia you can try this:


I can’t download the .aia file

What about reducing your screens and trying again? Try to reuse the same web viewer multiple times, instead of having a screen for every webviewer, you can check this thread also:

You’re one of the few who can not download aia, either you have to much stuff in assets and thereby server is unable to export it…

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I’ll try. Then I say if it worked