I made app with kodular but cant upload the apk

I made an app with kodular and uplaod the apk into mediafire when i download the app it seem like this and cant open , i tried thounds of times please help me guys

Try send apk with email.

How ? , I have channel and i uploaded the apk file on mediafire to let other people download , but no one can open it , and the apk be like this

i prefer google drive instead mediafire

Google drive accept apk files ? and in which type of files must export my app aab or apk to let others download my app ???

google drive accepts apk files and to use it use apk

Did you add .apk at the end of the downloaded file from the mediafire?

Have you any other sites instead of google drive and mediafire to upload my files ?

How can i do that?

After download the file from mediafire, go to the downloader folder, right click on the file and click rename. At the end add .apk and press enter. try this

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