I Need a Extension Developer For an extension i will pay for

Good morning kodular users
I started my new app on kodular And I’m almost done.
But, I have some issues and problèmes, I didn’t find a solution for it, in webview + permission and more
So I currently need an extension développer to develop a webview extension With some improvements
I please if anyone wants to help me contact me or send your email. I need this extension quickly

you also posted in the App Inentor community…

what about first choosing the builder you are using and then ask in the correponding community only?
and what about describing your issue, so someone is able to help?
probably no extension is necessary at all???



okay sure ,
So I have a website that needs caméra and microphone permission to work like this website:
And also that https://flingster.com/
I try it on app inventor and other app builders but it’s doesn’t work, the web viewers don’t permit the website .
I try all other extension but nothing work .
So if anyone have a solution please help