I need a extension to get image size

Can someone help me by making a extension to see the size of an image file with it unit like mb or kb or gb pls pm me if made
thank you


I saw that but i want it a little easier to use cuz i dont understand the blocks he has used to get the file size

thank you @Anonymous_User

Maybe use Kodular’s file component



oh i didnt realize that thank you so much

Yes, and the File component uses the relative path, the TaifunFile extension also works with the absolute path:

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I tried the kodular file component and it gave me -1 always

As I said the File comp. needs the relative path.

can a image picker selection be the path

Yes of course, and (as far as I know) it uses the absolute path.
Connect with Companion, make a right mouse click on it (“Do it”) and post the result.

EDIT: Or use the TaifunFile extension.


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