I need a solution to be able to bring my application to API 33

Hello, several months ago, I paid for the premium subscription to upload apps to the Play Store. However, I am unable to upload an app because it requires compatibility with Android version 13, or API 33, which hasn’t been updated yet. I would like to know how I can resolve this issue. Thank you

Api 33 is live since mid October

so why can I not select API 33?

There you set minSDK. TargetSDK is set automatic to 33.

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Hello, thank you for your reply.
I did and it allowed me to update my app in Google Play Store.
Now I have another problem. When I install it from the Play Store, it installs but no icon appears on my phone.
How can this be?

  1. Export your project to AIA file
  2. Edit file project.properties in AIA
  3. Change “minSdk=33”
  4. Delete your project
    5.Import AIA file
  5. Export to AAB
  6. Release to Google Console
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