I need a way to get the (.Image) of a component after async image loading

Greetings every one
I’ve been struggling to find a way to get or reassign the .Image of a component used in both methods of an Asynchronous loading :

  • Image_utilities1.load Image Async
  • DevYBImageLoader.Load Image Async
  • DevYBImageLoader.LoadImageAsyncInArrangement

What I need is a way to get the .Image and put it in an other component like : image or layout background.

When the method is done, it changes only the appearance of the component not its .Image or .Picture

I get nothing here

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Any help ?

If you are using an Image Loader you can’t get the Image that way. Try to make an Custom Notification with the whole Picture Component in it, to show it.

Already done this, but I still need to be able to zoom on in !

You see, I need to click on a List View Image and Text to get the on line saved images (up to 4 images) then retrieve their address to show them async in thumbnails, then on each click on a thumbnail I should get the full Image, then on clicking on the zoom button I should be able to zoom and pinch.

I hope I explained it enough to get the needed help !

You need an Extension for that.

I not know about a Zoom Extension but there should be enough if you search for it.


To make the Picture full screen without buttons you can use that:

I already tried the first extension you mentioned, this specific extension doesn’t unload the previous image, so by the time you zoom on many images the phone gets laggy.
This extension is not to be used for a large number of pictures.

Thanks for assisting me by the way :+1: I appreciate :v:

I’m trying a different method since it is impossible to get the component’s image.

Did you tried It with a dynamic Arrangement? You can delete it afterwards.
So on clock, create a dynamic Arrangement, set the Picture with Extensions, set the arrangement in the Alpha dialog and show it.
On Dismiss delete the dynamic component.

I remade everything using a nice :ok_hand: extension called PhotoView from DeepHost.
This extension is free and does everything I tried to do!
I’m sticking with it for now! :+1:

I really appreciate your help! :v:

Deephost is not recommended here.
I think there are some privacy issues but if you are happy with it, use it.

I wasn’t aware of such issues! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

But thanks anyway :handshake: