I need back ground running timer extension please help me

I want back ground running timer please help me

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Do you mean the app runs a timer in the bbackground on your device?

Explain in greater detail please.

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Your title and message are the same.
What a nice topic…

You dont need a extension.
Just use the clock component


I have my Clock1 component on Screen1. I have it set to vibrate every 15 seconds as a test. When I select another screen, I don’t hear the vibrate sound every 15 secs…I don’t hear it at all. If I go back to Screen1 then I hear it again every 15 secs.

If I switch apps and put my app in the background, I can hear the phone vibrate every 15 secs as expected.

So my question is: when on another screen, the Screen1 Clock1.Timer method must not be firing – but – the Clock1 timer must be still running in the background. I have always fire set to true.

Can someone clarify the relationship of the Screen1 Clock1 timer that is running in regards to showing other screens in the same app?

Thank you…

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Yes bro background runing timer

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You can use this block:- ice_screenshot_20190504-111001

can you show us your blocks, and clock properties ?

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I will send…

You can also use Global clock extension…

Bro please send one video or screenshots

Ok i will…

Here is my Clock block, it’s on Screen1.

So, I hear the vibrate when I am looking at Screen1 and when my app is in the background.

If I select another screen in my app, I don’t hear the vibrate and the date/time display in my debug text box doesn’t show the sequence of time. I have it set to fire every sec for testing purposes. So if the time shows 101530 and I switch to another screen for 20 secs and then return to Screen1, I see 101530 and then right after that I see 101550.

So it appears that when on another screen, Screen1 updates to the text box do not occur but the timer is still running. I have it set to always fire.

Does this behavior I am observing seem correct?


I wil send aia & Block image Wait

Share me aia & all block Part image

I got success Try Apk…:- Time.apk (6.0 MB)

Download Aia:- Time.aia (1.9 MB)

Download extension :- yt.DeepHost.CountDown_Timer.aix (9.7 KB)

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