I need fantasy app aia

Hello Guys,

I need fantasy app aia like Dream11 with admin app with secure data. If anyone have please provide demo apk link.


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@UnknownBeast Check this: https://www.dream11.com/

I recommend you to search the community also.


Do you want to buy an app or you are looking for free ???

Yes, If i like then I buy

View this :

It may help you.

He does not reply.

Hmm…but the reason why we can’t because it is expensive because I need to buy a server and some paid extension also and etc… used for making app like dream 11

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I have a suggestion for you.

  1. You must wait for him to answer.

  2. You can try to make your own and I am sure that the Community will surely help you

Yes, I can make it by myself. But, It’s take lot’s of time to make and I don’t know ho show api scores in app.

You can create a topic and I trust that whole community will surely help you

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Thanks let me try.

Free cricket scores api

Ok, Let me check and can you explain how to use this api in app.

I will create a simple aia and send p.m to you

OK, thanks

Do you have an server ??? because dream 11 app is half server based and if we talk about security in dream 11 like you have to host game on server and need some skills of programming like I will explain with an example So, dream 11 is earnings app basically and we play games to earn money…and dream 11 security is to high like dream 11 app can detect Lucky patcher and your phone enable ADB then you have disable because the reason user can use third party plugin like auto click etc… And you have very high security to defeat game guardian because game guardian will change the in game data or app data to increase coins or money which is very bad…and many more reason come and I guess security features can made only with android studio

It’s every Koders duty to help everyone

i replied you in pm

this is waste , it updates score after match ends no use , i have used best and cheap api