I need grocery app

I need grocery app with admin app & Delivery boy app.

Wow Nice Idea :+1::+1:

Here is your solution buy from him

It’s very expensive

Any other project ?

@pnkjpjt123 why not try building the app yourself

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So ask someone to make it What’s your budget

What did you try yourself to find something?

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Searched the community and found only one app.

It will take time but I want it soon.

so try making one yourself , this is the best advice I can give

My budget is 25 to 30$

Indian Currency ₹2500

Yes, around 2500

See you will get app according to your budget if you are having a tight budget and you need both admin and user app then a good/professional developer will reject this or if he will make the app but there WILL be high chance that he will not give emphasis on UI and He will try to do this is less time
NOTE:-This is truth
And only a good one can do this in less budget

Kodular is a app building platform. If you want just an app, then why you came here? Why don’t create it yourself?

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In your profile you wrote you are an android and management software developer. So go on! Good luck!

Yeah! Just do it!

How soon do you want?